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Solar Energy Systems contribute a lot to clean energy and greener life. They help to produce zero-emission and cost-free electricity from sunlight. In order to enjoy ‘free’ electricity, you need components such as solar inverter, distribution panel and of course energy meters to install a full system.

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Many solar users may ignore the importance of electric meter in a solar system. However, meters are directly connected to your solar investment and return. They can tell you things like how much electricity your system has generated, how much energy you have consumed, and how much energy you are still purchasing from the grid.

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For different solar system, IVY provides both AC and DC energy meter for measurement needs.

(1) Grid-Tied Solar Energy System

Most solar systems are not independent from the utility grid. Then a few more metering needs that cannot be fulfilled by a traditional one-way meter. What you need is called “bi-directional meter” or “net meter”. Such smart meters run bi-directionally, allowing users to to properly account for the net energy you’ve used, which is all the energy you’ve consumed minus the energy your solar system produced. 

(2) Off-Grid Solar Energy System

A solar system can only produce electricity at day, but you’ll need electricity at any time.Then some systems are designed to have “extra” electricity at night and the method is to store “extra” energy produced at day. A common option for storage is battery. For measuring how much energy the battery has stored and left after use, a DC energy meter is required.