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Indian Utility Week 2021 (Online EXPO)

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What’s New About IVY at # IUW 2021

Expo: Indian Utility Week

Date: Jan 27th~29th,2021

Booth No: F31

What’s happening in the energy sector has never been more exciting. Rapid developments in the public sphere and in technology are disrupting our industry and creating a new challenges towards greater and deeper grid edge intelligence. With this in mind, IVY will support our customer to pursue value-added service based on high-quality products.

At booth F31, we will display classic and newest design to make the prepaid metering cross india and hope for greater india with our partners. Choosing the flexible ways and advance technology to ensure win-win cooperation. Plz do not miss:

1.IS Smart Prepaid Meter - Complying with IS13779/IS16444 and IS15884:2010, we have class 1 AC whole current static split type prepaid smart meter 5-32A 10-64A 10-64A with meter box/enclosure/cabinet. Most strikingly, our meter with optional plug in and play communication module like GPRS/RF/RS485/IR/Bluetooth...

2.Metering Solutions (For Utility & free market)- Our factory can cooperate with you via flexible way like OEM/ODM, for tender/bidding we have rich experiences and qualification on supplying & performance ceritificates. For free market we can offer the HW and API to popular platform.

3.Metering Accessory (If necessary)- What’s more, we can be your strategic partner to set up factory/ to RD together/ to offer you meter components like latching relay, current transformer, shunt, assembly... with UC2/3 certificates and competitive prices. More info plz access www.ivy-metering.com

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