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Energy Monitoring

Electricity is an important infrastructure of the country, and when the economy is developing at a high speed, the demand for energy is also increasing. At present, the power consumption of many factories is still managed manually. At this time, the power monitoring system is used to monitor and control the production and supply of electricity. As a support system for the safe and stable operation of electricity, it has become everyone's choice.

The power monitoring system combines advanced measurement technology, on-off control, data processing and communication transmission, and manages and controls different machines and equipment in the electricity space as well as personnel power consumption as a whole, thereby realizing power safety, energy saving and environmental protection. Efficient operation, cost optimization, etc.

Energy Monitoring

The smart electric power monitoring system can collect real-time and regular electric parameters and on-off status of field devices (including three-phase voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, electric energy, temperature, switch position, equipment operating status, etc.) The data can be directly displayed, or new intuitive data information can be generated through statistical calculation and then displayed (total system power, maximum load, power factor upper and lower limits, etc.), and the important information is stored in the database.

The intelligent power monitoring system has a detailed recording function for all user operations, parameter violations and other user actual needs, including the time and location of the event, and also has an audible alarm function, and automatically sends control instructions or prompts to the operating equipment so that staff can quickly troubleshoot.

Smart power sensor series (also called IOT meter), which can be accurately measured as an electric meter, and can use WIFI and RS485 communication to perform real-time monitoring of power with SSGO system, The uploaded data is stable and reliable and can support data analysis. In addition, they all have relays that can indicate power consumption and initiate alarms for abnormal times such as poor communication. This can help staff to troubleshoot problems in real time and help managers realize visualization. Management, improve power safety, and reduce operating costs.

Multi-functional power sensor series include ES110T ES210T, smart sensor module such AC DC leakage sensors are also suit for electricity monitoring. Plz don't hesitate to contact us if you are headache about "energy-saving of factory" ,let's solve your problem based on your practical situation.

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