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Smart Home

Smart home, or smart house, is an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmental-friendly living environment, which is based on the residential platform, equipped with construction equipment, network communication, information appliances and equipment automation, and integrating system, structure, service and management.


On the basis of keeping the traditional living function, intelligent operation is added, which gets rid of the passive mode and optimizes the life style and living environment, realizing the functions of home appliance control, lighting control, indoor and outdoor remote control, curtain automatic control, anti-theft alarm, computer control, timing control and telephone remote control.

Nowadays, with the policy promotion of smart home, plus with 5G, ARTIFICIAL intelligence AI, Internet of Things and other new technologies, smart home is bound to usher in a new round of technological iteration, presenting a new form.

Smart Home

For example, the smart home can automatically calculate how far you are from home, and then it will automatically help you turn on your air conditioner in the home according to the default mode, and realize what you want directly when you open the door at home by default. There is no need to operate it by yourself. It is fully automated and smart and fast.

When you wake up, the curtains will also open automatically, including playing relaxing music and the news of the day.

Closing the door while the car starts itself, then walking slowly from your garage to your front door so you can drive to work would be a leap forward for 5G construction.

Smart meter can be recharged, read, operated and analysis remotely. The owner can also lock the door when the bill is highly delayed. # Every home can be powered by IVY. Click for more smart meter.

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